How to create a new location

You can create and edit Your Locations from your mobile or from the Driversnote website

Creating custom saved locations such as “Home” or “Starbucks” is a great way to make tracking even faster. Instead of searching for your address via GPS coordinates, the app will automatically choose that location as a Start or End destination whenever you park within 500 meters from the address. 

Create a new location from the mobile app

1. Tap on the Settings icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

2. Tap Locations. Here you can view your saved locations, and add new ones. 

(Here you'll be able to see your saved locations)

3. Tap the plus sign in the top right corner to add a location to your list. 

4. Fill in the “Name” and “Address” of your new location, then click Save.

Create a new location from the Driversnote Website

1. Click Locations in the upper left-hand corner. Here you can view and edit your saved locations.

2. Click +Create location to add a new saved location to your list.

3. Fill in the "Name", "Address", "Zip and city" and "Country". Then, click Create.


To edit the name or address of an already-saved location, just click Locations in the upper left corner, then simply click on a saved location to edit the name or address.

Creating a new location from the map

When you want to create a new location that does not have a defined address on the map, there is a new option to add a location simply by selecting it from a map. This is especially useful in regional or rural areas. 

* This option uses the GPS functionality of your phone so it is only available on the app and not on the website.

1. After you click on the plus sign to create a new location, select the option "My location doesn't have an address"

2. From here, use the marker to position the map over your location. You can switch the satellite view for fine-tuning the position, if your landmarks are visible.

Tap on "select position" when you have chosen your preferred location.

3. After the location is selected, you will have a similar screen where you add the name, address and postcode/city, then tap save to save the location. There is an extra field indicating you have a "position locked" on the map. 

After Save here, your new location is saved! 

Common Questions 

Q: Can I delete saved locations? 

Yes, you can easily delete a location by clicking on the location, then clicking  Delete

Q: How do I edit a saved location? 

To edit a saved location, just navigate back to Locations then tap or click on the location you would like to edit. Click/tap on the text box to edit the text, then click/tap Save.

Q: My GPS chose the wrong location, what do I do? 

If you have several frequented locations within close proximity, the app will choose the saved location that is nearest your car. If this is incorrect, you can edit it after your trip is complete.

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