Invite users to your Team and manage team members

What’s the benefit of creating a team? 

Invite employees who need to track mileage and accountants or managers in your company for centralised and consistent mileage reporting. Easily manage your team by inviting and removing members, and assigning roles. Read more about Teams’ features.

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Add users to your Team

Start by logging in to your account on the Driversnote website.

  1. Go to Team in the top navigation bar 
  2. Click on Invite member
  3. Fill in the invitee’s name and email address and send the invitation. You can send more than on

If they already have an account with Driversnote, be sure to invite them using that email so that all of their mileage to this point is available.

The invited members will appear in the “Pending invitations” tab on your team page until they accept the invite. There, you can revoke the invitation or resend it. Once they join the team, they will show up in the “Team members” tab of your Team’s page.

Manage Team members

As the admin of a Team, you can manage the members from the Team page. You can assign team roles and add or remove users.

Assign roles

Assigning roles lets you give permission to team members to manage payments and Team members, purchase subscriptions and receive reports.

  • The admin invites users, purchases and assigns licenses, and receives mileage reports.
  • The manager is used in case the admin isn’t the one that reviews the mileage reports. If you appoint a manager, they will also receive and approve or reject mileage reports, not just the admin.
  • Normal users have no administrative function. They can view the team and its members.

All Team users can submit reports to the team admin or manager. 

You can change assigned roles by clicking on the Actions button of the user.

Then, you can select the appropriate role.

Remove users

In case an employee no longer needs to track trips and submit mileage reports, you can remove them from the team.

To remove a user, go to your Members page, then:

  • Click on the Actions button of the user you’d like to remove
  • Click on Remove from team

Removing a user from a team does not delete the user or in any way change it. It simply removes them from the Team. All previously submitted reports will remain as well. If you have a paid license assigned to that team member, it will be removed and you can then assign it to someone else. 

Common questions

Q: Can I add a user to my team that I previously removed?

Yes, you can invite a user to your team again, even if you removed them before. Make sure to invite them with the email they used to create their Driversnote account.

Q: Do you provide onboarding for new team members?

If you need onboarding for your Team, write to us at We provide free customer support for all Driversnote users. 

Check out the guide below for how to create and set up a team. Lissi from our support team walks you through all the steps from creating the team, adding members and purchasing licenses:

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