Purchase and assign licenses in Teams

If your employees drive more than 20 trips a month, you can upgrade them to the Driversnote monthly or annual Basic license, so they can create and submit full mileage reports. Your team can then also get iBeacons for automatic tracking of mileage - no more missed trips! See more about the iBeacon here.

In this short how-to, you’ll learn how to purchase and assign your team’s Basic licenses.

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Purchase licenses for your team members

  1. On Driversnote’s website, go to Team - Buy licenses

  2. Check that you buy as a company and enter your company information
  3. Select the number of Basic licenses to purchase
  4. Enter your payment information and confirm the purchase

Then, go to your Team page - you’ll be able to see how many licenses there are for assigning right under your team name.

Assign licenses to team members

  1. Click on the Actions button of the user you’d like to upgrade
  2. Choose Basic license from the dropdown menu

In case a team member isn’t tracking miles anymore, you can reassign their license to another team member.

To reassign a license:

  1. Click on the Actions button of the member you’d like to remove the license from
  2. Choose Lite license

You should now see an extra Basic license that’s not used under your Team’s name (e.g. 3 / 4 licenses in use).

  1. Click on the Actions button of the team member you’d like to give a license to
  2. Select Basic license from the dropdown menu


If you wish to downgrade the number of licenses your Team has, please contact us at support@driversnote.com and we’ll help you with your request.

Common questions

Q: Do you have centralised payment for all licenses I purchase for my team?

We do! All licenses in your Team are paid with one credit card and invoiced to one company.

Q: What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards in a number of currencies.

Q: Do I have to purchase licenses for all team members?

No. With Driversnote for Teams, you only pay for what you need. You can purchase licenses for employees that drive over 20 trips a month, so they can submit full mileage reports and keep admin and manager members on the free Lite accounts if they don’t need to drive for work.

Q: How can I buy extra licenses?

You can purchase additional licenses at any time by going to your Team page on the Driversnote website, then click Buy licenses.

Q: I purchased licenses, why are my team members still on the Lite account?

Once you purchase licenses, you’ll have to assign them to team members. Follow the steps above for assigning licenses.

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