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What is Teams?

Driversnote for Teams provides automatic mileage logging for employees and a simple workflow of reporting business mileage to your company for reimbursement.

If you have been invited to join a Team to track your trips and submit reports, then this is the guide for you!!

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Privacy by Design

Whether you drive a personal vehicle or a company vehicle, using auto-tracking or adding trips manually, our app is designed to protect you, and your privacy. So to be clear, this is not a live tracking/monitoring system. Each employee’s trip data remains the property of the employee. Employers (admins and managers) can only access data explicitly shared by employees in their mileage reports - maintaining your privacy at all times. 

Example: You drive your personal vehicle and need to submit work-related trips only. If you use auto-tracking and track all your trips, you can then review them, and classify them as business or personal/private. When it comes time to submit a report, you create a report, and under the filter trip type, select Business only. 

If you are using an iBeacon or auto-tracking, you will need to give the app permission to location services. This allows the app to track your trips consistently and log the accurate distance of your trips. Driversnote does not share nor sell any of your personal information - all your data, including your trip data, belongs to you, and you alone.

Read more here: Why does Driversnote need access to my location?

Step 1: I got invited to a Team

You’ll receive an invitation over email to join a team on Driversnote. If you are new to Driversnote, you’ll first have to create an account and then you’ll be added to the team.  If you already have a Driversnote account, simply sign in and you’ll be redirected to your Teams page right away. 

You may also be invited to join via a direct link. Team administrators can invite you via a simple web link, which will invite you on the web to then choose whether to create a new account or sign in and join the team using an existing account:

LInk options to join a team

You can see an overview of all team members on your Teams page, who the admin is, and your assigned license. 

Your team admin can assign you a Basic license or keep you on the default lite (free) license.. The Basic license gives you unlimited reporting and the option for automatic tracking with the Driversnote iBeacon. If you don’t drive much for work, you might have a  Lite license, which allows you to report up to 15 trips a month.

Tip: If you already have a Driversnote account, make sure the team admin sends an invite to the email you’ve used to sign up for Driversnote. That way all your data will remain with you when joining the team.

If your team has an available basic license it will be automatically assigned to you when you join the team.

Step 2: Quick Set-up

When you join a Team, your admin will have set a workplace and a reimbursement rate.  All trips that you log will have this rate applied. Your team admin will also set up the reporting periods and reminders. 

Here is a quick checklist to make sure you are set up: 


Settings > Vehicles > Select your vehicle

  • Add the name
  • Add the license plate number
  • Odometer reading (select if you want a reminder)

Report Details:

Settings > Your Account > Under Details for the report

  • Add your name
  • Personal ID Number (if required) * This number can be anything you require, from tax or social security number to employee number
  • Address
  • Scroll to the bottom and click save 

Notification Settings:

  • Settings > Your Account > Notification settings
  • Enable Reporting reminders 
  • Enable Team reports 


Settings > Tracking configuration

  • Check that permissions to access location and motion tracking are granted


If you want to use auto-tracking: Settings > Auto-tracking

Auto tracking option selection screen
Turn on your preferred option for auto-tracking

Trip Classification

  • If you use auto-tracking you can add additional settings to make trip classification easier and more automatic (for example by setting working hours - read more: Adding your work hours

Step 3: Track & log trips

After setting up your account and joining the team, it’s time to start tracking and logging your trips. 

We have some helpful step-by-step guides on how to do this:

Step 4: Classify & review trips

We know that from time to time, you need to edit a trip. Perhaps you classified a trip as Business when it should have been Personal/Private? Or you would like to add a note on a trip with the name of the client you visited. You have the ability to easily edit and delete trips both within the mobile app and on our website. 

Find step-by-step guides here: How to review and edit trips

Tip: We suggest reviewing your trips daily or weekly. You can review them on the web or app and add notes, delete any unnecessary trips and classify them. This also helps to make sure your tracking is running as it should!

Step 5: Reporting

You can create and submit reports on both the app and on the website.

  • Go to reports
  • Select create new report (+)
  • Select date range, trip type, odometer
  • Review the report
  • Save and submit the report
  • Select who you would like to send the report to (either all admins/managers or a specific person)

Back on the reports page, you see an overview of all the reports submitted and their status (awaiting approval, approved, rejected).

If a report is rejected, you will receive an email and be able to resubmit it after the changes. 

Common questions

Q: Can my team admin see me driving in real-time or see all my logged trips?

No. Your team admin has no access to your data and can only see the mileage reports you submit to the Team.

Remember: At no point can anyone see your driving in real time!

Q: I submitted my mileage report by mistake. Can I withdraw it?

If you submitted a report by mistake, you can easily withdraw it while it’s awaiting approval. On Driversnote’s website, open the report, tap on the three dots menu button, then - Withdraw report. Your team admin will not be able to see the report once it has been withdrawn. If the report has been approved or rejected already, you would need to submit a new report and you could add a note to the new report with further explanation.

How to withdraw your team report submission

Q: My report got rejected. What should I do?

Your team admin might reject your mileage report for a number of reasons. We recommend you contact them and find out what you should correct in your report before submitting it again. Keep in mind you’ll have to create a new report and can’t edit an already created one.

Q: I already have a workplace and got invited to a Team. Can I have both?

With your Driversnote account, you can track mileage for multiple workplaces. Make sure to track and log your trips under the correct workplace in order to ensure correct mileage reporting.

When you first join a team you will be invited to move your existing trips to the new workplace to make this process easier but you can leave them as separate if required.

Q: How do I keep mileage records as an employee? 

Learn more about keeping mileage records as an employee from our mileage guide:
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