Mileage reporting for Teams

Driversnote for Teams provides an easy workflow for submitting and approving mileage reports in a company. Team members track their trips and create mileage reports in line with local tax authority requirements, while managers have a simple and consistent overview of the submitted reports and can easily approve them for mileage reimbursement.

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Reporting for admins/managers

Team members submit mileage reports directly to the team approver (admin or manager) with all the needed information for mileage reimbursement. You are notified by email when a new report is submitted and you have access to a simple overview of all the team members’ reporting status.

You will find an overview of all reports from your Team on Driversnote’s website, under Team Reports. You can then sort them by team member, timeframe, status, or submitted to.

Teams reporting list of submitted reports

Accept and reject mileage reports

When you receive a mileage report from a team member, you can approve it to accept the mileage claim, or reject it in case it needs corrections.

To accept/reject a mileage report:

  1. On Driversnote’s website, go to Team reports
  2. From the overview, select the report you’d like to view
  3. After reviewing the submitted report, click Approve or Reject

    Approve or reject the report

The team member who submitted the report will be notified by email if you approve or reject their mileage claim. You can leave a helpful message, that will be included in that email, for any clarifications to your team member.

Reports can be accepted or rejected based on any criteria you choose. Driversnote does not set the conditions here - we provide the tools so that you as a company or organisation can decide how things should work best.

What a report that has been submitted will look like

Reporting for employees

You can create mileage reports from the Driversnote mobile app and website, and submit them directly to your Team. See how to create mileage reports with Driversnote here or check out the video below:

Submit your mileage report to the team

Submit a report to your Team:

  1. From the mobile app or website, go to Reports -> + Create report and customize your report from the filters
  2. Click on Save and view to view the generated report, then click Submit
  3. Confirm your choice to submit your mileage claim to the team manager

    Submit or download reports

    Select manager to submit report to and leave them a message

Withdraw a report you've submitted

You can withdraw a report you’ve submitted to your Team. You can only do so if the report’s status is still “Awaiting approval”, meaning the team manager hasn’t approved or rejected the report yet. If you choose to withdraw a report, the team manager won’t be able to see it anymore in their team overview.

To withdraw a report:

  1. On Driversnote’s website, go to Reports, then open the report you’ve submitted to the team
  2. Tap on the three dots Actions menu on top of the report, then select Withdraw report

Approved and rejected mileage reports

The team manager can approve your mileage report or reject it in case it needs to be corrected. You will be notified by email in any case.

  • If your report was approved, there are no further actions you should take. Don’t forget to keep on recording your trips, so you’re ready for the next reporting period.

    Approved report

  • If your report was rejected, check if the team manager left a note in the email notification you’ve received. In case there isn’t one, we recommend you get in touch with them to find out what you should correct.

    Rejected report

Please note

You can’t edit a report you’ve already created.  Also, keep in mind that if you record new trips or make changes to your already logged ones after creating a report, those changes will not be seen on the saved report and you’ll need to create a new one.

Common questions

Q: Can I get my employees’ mileage reports myself as a team manager or admin?

You can only see your employees’ mileage reports once they have submitted them to you.

Q: Can I set a reminder for creating a report?

A Team admin can set reminders for reporting periods. These settings will apply to all team members. Team members can still always create and submit a report at any time they require it.

Q: Where can I find more information on mileage tracking for companies? 

To learn more you can read our post on company mileage reimbursement here

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