Move trips from a personal workplace to a Team workplace

If you’ve been tracking your trips before joining a Team, you can move them to the Team’s workplace in order to avoid duplicate workplaces and make reporting your mileage even easier.

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Move your trips when joining a new team

Do you already have a Driversnote account and have just been invited to join a team? When you accept the invitation you have the option to move previous trips over to the team.

  1. Accept the Team invitation you received in your email by clicking Join team
  2. Choose the workplaces with the trips that you want to move over to the Team

  3. Click Continue
  4. Confirm your choice - you cannot undo this action

Move your trips when you've already joined a team

If you have already joined a team, but want to move previous trips to this team, you can do so by transferring these trips. If you have multiple workplaces you can choose one or all of them.


You can move all trips from a previously created workplace - it’s not possible to only move selected trips to the team.

  1. Login to Driversnote’s website and go to Team
  2. Find your name in the team overview and click on the actions button (three dots)
  3. Click on Move trips to team

  4. On the next screen, you will be asked to select which workplaces’ trips you want to move over - pick all that apply
  5. Click Continue and confirm your choice - you cannot undo this action

Common questions

Q: What happens to my old workplace?

Any workplace trips you move over to the team will be deleted.

Q: What if I have multiple workplaces? Can I still be on the team?

Yes, however, you can only be on one team. For example, you can be a member of a team and have two private workplaces as well.

Q: If I move the trips to a new workplace, what happens to my previously generated reports? 

Your previously generated reports will remain saved and only accessible to you. 

Q: When I move the trips over to the new workplace, will the admin be able to see them?

Your account details and data will not be shared and trips will only be visible should you submit them in a mileage report.

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