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What is Teams?

Driversnote for Teams provides automatic mileage logging for employees and a simple workflow of reporting business mileage for your company’s reimbursement process.

If you have been invited to join a Team and assigned the role of Manager, then this is the guide for you! 

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Step 1: Set up an account and join the team

You’ll receive an invitation over email to join a team on Driversnote. When you accept the invitation you will be asked to create an account (if you have an account already, then simply log in).

Once you’ve joined the team, your team admin will assign you the role of Manager.

The Manager role is one of three roles in a team: 

  • The admin can invite team members, reject or approve mileage reports and manage centralised billing
  • The manager role is used in case the admin isn’t the one to review mileage reports. Once you assign a manager, they’ll also become receivers and approvers of reports
  • Normal users are the drivers and have no administrative function. 

Step 2: Manager Settings

Depending on your role on the team, there are a few additional settings you can set.

Email notifications

If you do not track or log trips yourself, we would suggest disabling these emails (so we do not bother you!) 

  1. Log in > Your account > Edit account 
  2. Under your email, select Email Notifications

Usage Alerts and Reporting Reminders: Disable if you do not use the app to track and log trips.

Team Reports: Enable this so you will receive an email reminder each time a team member submits a report for approval. If you do not require this email and instead will just log in to the team reporting dashboard, then you can disable this one as well.  

Step 3: Approve, Reject & Download Reports 

Driversnote for Teams provides an easy workflow for submitting and approving mileage reports in a company. Team members track their trips and create mileage reports in line with local tax authority requirements, while managers have a simple and consistent overview of the submitted reports and can easily approve them for mileage reimbursement.

Team members submit mileage reports directly to the team approver (in this case, you!) with all the needed information for mileage reimbursement. You are notified by email when a new report is submitted and you have access to a simple overview of all the team members’ reporting status.

Find an overview of all reports from your Team on Driversnote’s website, under Reports > Team reports


You can access Team reports from a quick action under Team > (3 dots ...) > Team Reporting 

Accept and Reject Mileage Reports 

When you receive a mileage report from a team member, you can approve it to accept the mileage claim, or reject it in case it needs corrections.

To accept/reject a mileage report:

  1. On Driversnote’s website, go to Reports > Team reports
  2. From the overview, select the report you’d like to view
  3. After reviewing the submitted report, click Approve or Reject

The team member who submitted the report will be notified by email if you approve or reject their report. You can leave a helpful message, that will be included in that email, for any clarifications to your team member.


Use the filters to help you find the reports. Sort by name, date, report status.


These features are also available on our app version.

Lissi from our support team shows you how to approve reports:

Step 4: What’s next?

If you need to send the report (for example to HR), you can download the report in PDF or Excel format. You’ll find all previous reports for future review or to download back under Team Reports.

Extra Step 5: Do you also track and log trips?

If you also need to track and report your mileage, check out our guide: Driversnote for Teams for Employees - Learn how to set up your account, track, and log trips, and how to create and submit reports. 

Need help? 

We have a dedicated support team ready to help. If you have a specific question or want to talk to someone, please email us at and let us know how we can help! 

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