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Help! My odometer readings are incorrect

What are odometer inconsistencies?

If you add an odometer reading to your log less than what the app has tracked since your last reading, you will have an odometer inconsistency. Inconsistencies will be highlighted in reports.

Do I need to fix my odometer inconsistencies?

If you have odometer inconsistencies in your log, it is essential to distinguish between minor inconsistencies of 1-3% and larger inconsistencies of more than 3%.
The app uses GPS to measure distance, while the car odometer calculates distance based on tire revolutions and circumference. Errors can occur due to tire wear, tear, and pressure loss. Odometer and app readings should stay within 1-3% of each other.
To have a tax-compliant logbook, fix odometer inconsistencies where the app's calculation and your reading differ by more than 3%. An inconsistency means you recorded more mileage than your car actually drove in that time. 

Why do inconsistencies occur, and how do I avoid them?

There are several reasons for odometer inconsistencies in your log. Here are the most common ones. Review them to fix existing issues or prevent future ones:
The odometer reading was added at the incorrect time
When you have read the odometer in your car, it is important that you add the reading to your log in the app immediately so it will be dated correctly relative to the trips in your log. if you have an inconsistency, the first thing to check is that the reading in question is dated correctly.
The odometer reading was added for the wrong vehicle
If you have more than one vehicle in your app, it is important that you make sure to pick the right vehicle when you add an odometer reading. Also, if you get a new car, it is important that you add it to the app as a new vehicle and start a new odometer log for it. If you have an odometer inconsistency, please ensure you haven’t added an odometer reading to the wrong vehicle in the app.
You have double entries in your trip list
If you are using the app with the same account on more than one device, then your trips might get tracked more than once. This is one of the reasons that we strongly advise against using the same account on more devices simultaneously. If you do so anyway and have odometer inconsistencies in your log, please make sure that you do not have double-entry trips in your log.
You are auto-tracking using Smartphone ‘Motion’ Detection and have irrelevant mileage in your log
If you are using the Motion Detection auto-tracking function that allows you to track your trips automatically using only your Smartphone (and not the iBeacon), please make sure that there is no irrelevant mileage in your log. When you use this form of auto-tracking, the app starts tracking when you move above a certain speed and apart from drives, it might also log bike rides, runs, and trips with public transportation. Irrelevant mileage of this kind can cause inconsistencies in your odometer log if you have tracked and logged irrelevant mileage to the car that you are reading the odometer for.
You are adding odometer readings at the same time as adding manual trips
When you add a manual trip in the app or on the website, the end time of that trip will automatically be set to the exact time that the trip was added, unless you change it manually. This happens on the assumption that you add the manual trip after you have driven it. If you instead add the manual trip before you have driven it, the start and stop time of that trip as suggested by the app will be incorrect as the trip is backdated. Therefore, you might end up with inconsistencies in your odometer log if you are adding odometer readings and manual trips at the same time and before you have driven the trip in question.
In general, it is important to double-check that the start and stop time for manually added trips is correct if you are adding odometer readings on a regular basis. 

How do I fix odometer inconsistencies?

If you have a small inconsistency of a 1-3% difference between an odometer reading and the distance tracked by the app, you can choose to either edit your odometer reading, or you may simply ignore it.
If you have inconsistencies larger than 1-3%, we recommend that you either edit inconsistent odometer readings or delete mileage entries in your log corresponding to the inconsistencies.
We recommend that you start by going through the list above to see if you can identify the reason for the inconsistency and edit the odometer reading or your mileage log accordingly to remove the inconsistency.
Alternatively, you can delete the extra mileage in your log that doesn’t figure in your car’s odometer.
If you have added an odometer reading that is 10km more than the last added reading, but the app has tracked 20km in the time between those two readings, then you will need to delete 10km of your mileage for that same time period. If you are tracking personal mileage as well as business mileage, then we recommend that you delete personal mileage corresponding with the inconsistency.

On the web

The easiest way to edit or delete inconsistent odometer readings is by signing in to your account on the website and going to the  Generate report page. 
Click on Reports > Create report. Once you have set the filters (vehicle, workplace, date, trip type, and odometer) at the top of the page, you will see a report preview where your odometer inconsistencies will be highlighted. Click on them one by one to edit them.

In the app

Odometer inconsistencies will also be highlighted on the  Generate report page in the app. However, it is not possible to edit the inconsistencies directly from the report preview, as it is on the web. Therefore, you will have to make a note of the inconsistencies on the  Generate report page and then go to your odometer readings log to fix the inconsistent readings.
Go to  Report and tap on the little  + in the top right corner. Once you have set the filters (vehicle, workplace, date, trip type, and odometer) at the top of the page, you will see a report preview where your odometer inconsistencies will be highlighted. Make a note of inconsistent readings and continue to  Settings >  Odometer readings to edit them.

Can I generate a report without fixing my odometer inconsistencies?

Yes, it is technically possible to create a report without fixing an inconsistency. The inconsistency will not be highlighted on the generated and saved report. Still, if you choose to have the odometer shown on your report and look more closely at the odometer for the trip following the inconsistent reading, then you will be able to see the inconsistency.

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