How can Teams help my company?

What is Teams?

Driversnote for Teams provides automatic mileage logging for employees and a simple workflow of reporting business mileage for your company’s reimbursement process.

How does it work?

Your team downloads our app and is ready to go. They track and log their trips and at the end of each reporting period, they create a report and tap submit. 

Admins and managers can use the app or web dashboard to receive and approve these reports. 

Customize the app depending on what your team needs: add notes to each trip, log odometer readings etc. 

What’s included

  • Manual and automatic tracking of trips
  • Add/remove drivers
  • Multiple managers and admins
  • Custom and standard reimbursement rates
  • Tax compliant reports
    • Easily submit reports
    • Reporting dashboard for managers
    • Quick approval process
    • Download in pdf and excel formats
  • Summary spreadsheets of multiple reports
  • Centralized billing
  • Personalized support

Additional features for free

  • add work hours
  • add notes to trips
  • add frequent locations
  • add odometer readings 

Only pay for those who drive! Admins and managers who not track mileage are free of charge.

Add on: Spend less time reviewing with the iBeacon

  • Automatic GPS tracking with iBeacon device. Read more about the iBeacon and auto-tracking.

Is Driversnote the right fit for my team? 

The app is free to download! Sign up, track a few trips, create a report and see how the functions work. We are always up for a chat to help answer any questions and make sure you get the best use of our app. Fill out the form today and our success team will reach out to you within a day. 

Ready to get started?

Sign up here, and check out our getting started guides:

Get started with Teams for Admins

Get started with Teams for Managers

Get started with Teams for Employees

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