What can I do with Driversnote?

We help you automate your mileage logbook. Track, classify and report. All you need is your phone, and you’re good to go. 

Start by logging trips

  • Add them manually, or try out our auto-tracking, where we do this for you!

Classify & add reimbursement

  • After logging trips, classify them as business or personal to keep a running tab of your potential reimbursement or deduction. 

Customize auto-tracking 

  • Don’t drive every day? Set up your work hours and have it turn off when you’re not driving.
  • Automate classification by setting up your primary business driving hours and personal driving hours

Personalize even more 

  • Log odometer readings
  • Add multiple vehicles
  • Set up custom rates
  • Set up a split/percentage of driving
  • And much more! 

There’s a web version too!

  • Bulk edit
  • Customize manual trips
  • Great overview of trips and reporting 

Curious? Download the app for free or explore our Help Centre for more information and guides!

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