Intro to Teams features

What is Teams?

Driversnote for teams joins individual Driversnote accounts together under one company to allow for a more straightforward reporting process! No one wants to lose reports sent through email, so why not be able to access them through Driversnote? 

How does it work?

Your employees or colleagues download the app, join the team, and are ready to go. They’ll track and log their trips, and at the end of their reporting period, they’ll create and submit a report directly to you or your team’s managers. 

You’ll also only have to buy licenses for people who are creating reports of 15 trips or more. If you’ll be reviewing reports or you track and report less than 15 trips per month, you’ll be able to use the Lite (free) version. 

All submitted reports are accessible on the app or website dashboard. 

Will Driversnote work for my team?

Every company is unique, and we’re always available for a chat to answer any questions to make sure you get the best use of our app. Fill out the form, and our team will reach out to you within the day.

But what does Driversnote for Teams give me?

  • Manual and automatic trip tracking
  • The ability to add/remove drivers 
  • Multiple admins and managers 
  • Tax-compliant reports available in Excel and PDF formats 
  • Centralized spreadsheets of multiple reports 
  • Centralized billing 
  • Personalized support 
  • Set up custom rates 
  • Customized reporting periods 

To help your employees and colleagues, these features are also available to make tracking easier:

  • Add work hours
  • Add notes to each trip 
  • Add frequently visited locations 
  • Add odometer readings 

All these features listed above are also free and included in the Lite version of the app! That means you don’t have to pay extra to have multiple admins or pay to have the ability to add/remove people. The only payment required is if you have team members you know will drive and report more than 15 trips per month.

If you’re not sure if we have a feature that you need, you can always fill out this form or write to us at

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