How to: adjust email notifications and reporting reminders

In a team, you can set reporting reminders to help keep your team members on top of their reporting. These reminders will be set according to what your reporting period is set to. 

To set reporting reminders:

  1. Log in to Driversnote or open the app
  2. From the Teams Navigation bar, click Settings, then Reporting periods
  3. Check the box Send email reminder
  4. Click Save

Voila! Your team will now get reminders, including a preview of your reports, one business day after your reporting period ends. 

Email notifications like feedback and news emails from us are set individually. If you’d like to adjust your email preferences for your account, here's how:

  1. Log into your Driversnote account
  2. Go to Your account > Edit account
  3. Click on Notification settings
  4. Uncheck the boxes corresponding to the types of email you no longer wish to receive
  5. Click Save
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