How to: settings & permissions for auto-tracking (iPhone)

When you start tracking on your iPhone, there are a few settings you will need to keep in mind. Fortunately, they are almost all in one place! 

If you go to your iPhone settings and scroll down to Driversnote, you will see the following:

Many of these will be set to default already but there are some settings that may need adjusting:

Location: Needs to be set to Always. We do not want to and cannot track you at all times but we need this setting on so that the app is always ready to track from the background. Any change here can stop your app from tracking.

Bluetooth: If you are using an iBeacon Bluetooth needs to be always on. If you are tracking by motion detection, this is not necessary.

Motion & Fitness: Should be on for either tracking mode. For motion tracking it is the main method the app uses to know you’ve started a trip. For iBeacon tracking, it can help preserve your battery life by allowing the app to slow GPS reading when you are not moving.

Background App Refresh: Needs to be turned on. This keeps the app running in the background and is crucial for tracking. 

If any other settings you see do not look like above, they should be changed.

Then, in the app, you need to go to Settings > Auto-tracking where you will find the option for either smartphone motion tracking or iBeacon tracking:

Turn on the option you need. If both are off you will only be able to track manually.

Lastly, you need to make sure that “Auto-track” is turned on the main screen for the tracking to be active:

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