Help! My auto-tracking is not working (iPhone)

If you’ve found your auto-tracking is not working on your iPhone, there can be a few things that might have happened.

Settings in the app

Check that you have the required settings in the app. If you open the app and go to Settings > Auto-tracking, you will need to have either Motion Detection or iBeacon Detection selected:

Auto-tracking selection

Without one of these being selected, there will be no auto-tracking! 

Then, make sure that Auto-track is turned on at the home screen of the app:

Auto-track button on home screen

As long as these options are set in the app, your auto-tracking will be active.

Settings on your phone

If you continue to have issues, you may need to confirm certain settings for your phone. The great news is that they’re all in the same place:

Go to your phone settings and scroll down to Driversnote. You should see the following options:

Driversnote settings for iPhone

The most important setting is Location – it needs to be set to Always no matter your tracking method. We can understand your concern about this setting, but rest assured it does not mean we can track you all the time! 

Location set to Always and Precise Location is turned on. This is a system setting mandated by Apple so that the app is ready to track at all times in the background. We do not want to and cannot track you at all times. 

Bluetooth must be turned on if you use an iBeacon. If you track by motion the setting is up to you.

Motion & Fitness should always be turned on. It is important to allow motion tracking to work, but even with the iBeacon it is a useful setting to help you save battery power. With iBeacon tracking, Motion & Fitness can help you conserve power by decreasing GPS readings when you are not moving.

Background App Refresh and Mobile Data both need to be on, so the app can run in the background and run solely from mobile data. Both are crucial for tracking.

If you found any of these settings off you will have had a problem with your tracking. Location is the most important setting and if you found it set to When in use, it is the most common reason your tracking might have stopped working! 

iBeacon battery replacement

If you iBeacon is more than two years old, it is possible the battery has expired. Does it have a short 4-digit code on the back? If it does and your tracking is not working, do contact us at and we can look at this for you. If correct, we can replace your batteries or even replace your iBeacon! 

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