Help! Is your app tracking when you're not driving?

Do you track with the iBeacon and find that your phone regularly reports a trip when you are not in your vehicle? Do you see the blue indicator frequently on your phone, like below? 

Different iPhone blue indicators to indicate tracking

**Depending on your iPhone model, it can look like one of the above 4 images**

The blue GPS icon on the top of your iPhone screen indicates that GPS location services are being used while the Driversnote app (or any other navigation app) is in the background. 

With newer versions of iOS, Apple has introduced several restrictions for background apps (mileage tracking apps such as Driversnote) making this blue indicator compulsory to show app tracking activity. 

This helpful change not only notifies users of which apps are working in the background, but also acts as a confirmation while driving that your trip is indeed being successfully tracked.

Before the blue alert, this is how the app worked previously, but it may not have been as apparent to you. Our system will delete these false stationary "trips" automatically, however, if you click on the blue alert or open the app, you will need to stop and delete the trip manually. Our advice is to try and ignore these and let the app automatically remove them. 

If the issue persists, the next step is to try and hide your iBeacon further in the vehicle (such as in the glove compartment or somewhere well hidden) to try and make the signal less sensitive. If your car is parked very close to where you live or work, you may see this happen more often.

Also, if more than one application is using your iPhone's GPS location services and are running at the same time, then the same blue GPS indicator can be used to access either of those. You would simply need to tap on it and the applications will show up from newest to oldest. For example, if you first set up a Google navigation and a bit later the Driversnote app starts tracking a trip, then when you first tap on the blue GPS indicator, you will be taken to the Driversnote tracking screen. If you tap on it again, then you will be taken to the Google Maps navigation screen.

So while we understand this may be at times frustrating, we know all about the issue now and have been working on ways to improve the whole experience. Do contact us at if the issue persists or if you notice your trip tracking is being affected. 

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