Why your Location settings might have switched off (iPhone)

When you are tracking with an iPhone, very often the most common reason your tracking has stopped is because your location settings have been switched to When in use.

Because this setting is a requirement for your app to track properly from the background, this will stop your tracking!

If you didn't turn it off yourself, there is one very common reason this can happen. Have you ever had this prompt appear on your phone?

If you ever see this prompt, be sure to select "Always Allow"! Any other selection will cause problems with your tracking by turning off Location settings.

This prompt is an automatic feature of iOS that is designed to regularly check for apps that use Location settings regularly (like Driversnote) and ask you whether you would prefer to turn that off.

As long as you always select "Always Allow" this should never give you an issue.

But if this happened at any stage, it might be the reason for your tracking issues.

If you go to Settings > Driversnote and make sure Location is set to Always there, that will fix things.

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