Get started with auto-tracking with motion detection (Android)

Auto-tracking with motion detection is the default mode for all Driversnote accounts. It allows you to automatically track trips using just your phone. It uses the GPS and motion sensors on your device to track your location and plot your driving when you go at a vehicle speed.

It will track you when you reach any vehicle-like speed, so it can track you in other vehicles, public transport or even bike rides. If that becomes a significant concern, we recommend the iBeacon as a way to lock your tracking to a single vehicle. 

Please note:

We do not want to and cannot track you at all times. The app simply monitors your location and does not save this data in any way until you are driving. Then, it saves the data only to help with your driving records. 

When you first setup the Driversnote app, you should be prompted to set up your phone settings as needed, but if you have any issues, check the following options in your phone settings.

These details are for Samsung phones and while other Android models may have slight differences, they will have the same core settings.

If you open your phone settings and go to Apps > Driversnote > Permissions you have several things to check:

Location needs to be set to Allow all the time and User precise location needs to be on.

Physical activity needs to be set to Allow.

If you have tracking issues, you may need to check the battery optimisation settings on your phone to get things working again.

Then, open Driversnote and go to Settings > Auto-tracking and make sure you have Motion detection turned on:

Auto-tracking setting

And lastly, make sure that Auto-track is turned on at the home screen of the app:

Auto-track button

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