How to: find and download invoices

At any time you can access your invoices online in your subscription details and view or download any invoice you have paid, past or present.

If you log in to your subscription page and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see your invoices under Billing history. The most recent 3 invoices will be visible:

Click on Show all to see the rest.

The View link will open a PDF file of your invoice for that payment and you can view, print or save that file.

Invoices will always be available in your subscription page above, even if you end your paid subscription. As long as your account is open these invoices will be visible.

If you see extra charges on your invoice, this can be for the VAT charged on your payment, or it may be an International Transaction fee that some banks charge for overseas payments, such as ours. We certainly do not see any of this fee, but unfortunately, we cannot do anything to change it either.

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