Help: I can't upgrade

Are you having trouble upgrading? There can be several reasons why your upgrade may not be working and this will depend on the stage that it has failed.

Payment error: If you have gone as far as the payment screen but then been told this has not worked, there may be an issue with your payment card.

  • Driversnote can only accept cards from Visa, Mastercard and American Express, so if your card is any other type this may be why the transaction failed.
  • If your card does not currently have enough funds for the payment, this will fail.
  • Some banks (especially in the US) will automatically reject a payment from a foreign company and since Driversnote is based in Denmark we have seen this often. If you contact your bank and explain the situation you should be able to resolve this.
  • Authentication error – there are certain authentication options that can fail for unknown reasons. If you receive an error about this, you should also contact your bank to resolve it, or try a different card. 

Account error: If you have already made a payment to us but your account on your phone still seems to be on the free plan, this means you might have upgraded a different account. Do not try to pay again! Please do contact us at so we can help you fix this.

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