How to add a trip manually

Get your logbook up-to-date by manually entering your trips. 
Just put in the start and end locations, and Driversnote will calculate the most likely route. 
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Adding a trip manually in the Driversnote app

  1. Tap the A plus symbol icon plus sign in the menu bar
  2. Select Create a manual trip
  3. Enter the starting address e.g. your home address
  4. Enter the destination address e.g. your place of work
  5. Select the most accurate route
  6. Review and edit trip details (Tap the information to change)
    • Edit the date 
    • Change the trip type e.g. Business/Private
    • Check that the organisation name and vehicle are correct 
    • Add notes about the trip purpose


The trip and any changes made will be saved automatically.

Adding a trip manually on the Driversnote website

  1. Sign in at
  2. Go to Trips
  3. Click + Add Trip
  4. Select the date from the calendar picker
  5. Enter the trip details
    • Search for an address to set the  start location. 
    • In the next box, set the end location
    • Use the dropdown to change the classification e.g. Business/Private
    • Add notes about the trip purpose
  6. Click Save to add the trip to your logbook


Click to highlight the date and time, and then edit using the numbers on your keyboard.
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