How to: create a report in the mobile app

You can create a report straight from the app on your phone and when you are finished you can email it to any address or share it via your phone.

To create a report on your phone:

  1. Open your app then go to the Report tab
  2. From here, tap the white plus (“+”) sign in the top right corner to create a new report
  3. Select the correct vehicle and workplace for your report, if you have more than one of either
  4. Choose your date range for the report. The most recent 4 date ranges for your report reminders will be automatically available, or you can select any range of dates from the calendar. Other periods will include “Since last report” or dates for the current or previous tax year
  5. Select the trip types you want to include in the report: Business, Personal or both. US users can also select Charity or Medical or Moving as options. 
  6. Choose whether to show or hide your odometer readings (if you have created them)

You may need to wait a moment as the report is generated. 

After that, tap Save in the top right to save the report.

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