How to track a trip

The Driversnote app uses GPS to track your driving in real-time.

Learn how to start tracking and add trips to your logbook.

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Manual vs real-time tracking

When you tap the A plus symbol icon plus sign in the app menu, you'll see that there are two ways to log your mileage in the Driversnote app. 

Start tracking a trip tells Driversnote to start recording a trip immediately (in real-time).

  • The app will track your location via GPS until you tell it to stop (by pressing the red Stop button in the top right corner). 
  • After you stop the tracking, the entire route will be added to your logbook.

Create a manual trip lets you enter a trip that has already taken place. 

  • Simply enter the start and end locations, and the app will use Google maps to calculate the most likely route.
  • Read more: How to add a trip manually.

Tracking your first trip 

  1. Make sure you have Location Services switched on for the Driversnote app. Learn more here: Why does Driversnote need access to my Location Services?
  2. Open the Driversnote app
  3. Tap the A plus symbol iconplus sign in the centre of the app menu
  4. Tap Start tracking a trip
  5. Put down your phone, and  drive to your destination
  6. When you have arrived at your destination, re-open the app and press Stop to end the tracking.

Your trip will be automatically added to your logbook. To view trips and make changes go to   A list icon Trips.

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