How to add users to your account

What’s the benefit of adding users to my account? 

If you are a small organization and would like to manage employee’s subscriptions from a central administrative account, inviting users to join under your Admin account is an easy way to keep everything central. 

Tip: If you are a larger company, we recommend getting in touch about our Enterprise solution, by contacting us at info@driversnote.

How to add users

Log into your account on the Driversnote website to add your first user. 

  1. Click on “Your account”  in the upper right-hand corner, then “Your subscription” from the drop down menu. 

   Tip: From your subscription overview you’re able to change or edit your billing or mailing address, manage users, download invoices, and access your payment options. 

1. Click on the “Users” tap from the subscription dashboard

2. Click Invite user 

Tip: iBeacons provide automatic tracking and can take a lot of guesswork out of your employee’s reporting (making your Admin job a lot easier!). Remember you get one free with every annual subscription!

3. Add the number of users you’d like on your active subscription, then invite those users to accept the invitation. If they already have an account with Driversnote, be sure to invite them using that email so that all of their mileage is included in the upgrade. 

4. Lastly, enter in your payment information, and you’re all set. 

Manage your users by logging in to your account on the Driversnote website. 

Happy tracking, team! 

Common Questions

Q. I want to add users to my account as an Administrator, do I need a subscription for this?

Yes, in order to add users to your account, you must have an active subscription. 

Q. If the employment status of one of my employees changes, can I cancel their account? 

As an administrator, you have access to changing and editing the subscription status of all users on your account. You can remove or add users at any time using the steps above. To cancel your subscription follow these steps, or contact us at

Q. Will the administrator have access to employees reports and trip logs? 

No, employees maintain their own private accounts as Driversnote users. They create and submit their own reports at the designated time. 

Q. One of my employees gave me the wrong login details, how can I change the invitation? 

Go back to your Subscription overview, click “Users”. Next, find the employee with the wrong details, then click “Withdraw”. You’ll then be able to recreate an invitation with the correct details. 

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