How to: submit a report

Once you create a report, you’ll be given the option to either download a report or submit it. For your team managers to review your report, you’ll have to submit the report. 

From the website: 

  1. Log into Driversnote on the website 
  2. At the top, click on Reports 
  3. If you haven’t created a report, you can follow this article on how to: create a report 
  4. Once a report has been created, you’ll see the Submit button 
  5. Click on Submit > Choose the manager your report is going to 
  6. Click on Submit again 

From the app, go to Reports

  1. Tap on Reports from the bottom 
  2. If you’ve created reports before, tap on the ‘+’ button to create a report. If it’s your first time, you’ll be brought to the '+ Create a Report' page, you can follow along here for help
  3. Once a report is finalized, tap on Submit 
  4. When you submit the report, you can add a message for the admin/manager to see

If your report was approved, there are no further actions you should take. Keep on recording your trips, so you’re ready for the next reporting period.

You can’t edit a report you’ve already created.  Also, keep in mind that if you record new trips or make changes to your already logged ones after creating a report, those changes will not be seen on the saved report and you’ll need to withdraw the submitted report and create a new one.         

What happens if my report is rejected?

If you receive an email that your report has been rejected, it is most likely because a trip is incorrect. Your team admin/manager will include a comment on what needs to be corrected. If you have any questions on why your report was rejected and you need help, you should email your administrator or manager to learn more. Unfortunately, we at support, won't know your team's requirements.

Your administrator can see no other details about your trips other than the data you submit in the report, so you should contact your manager/administrator if more information or explanation is required.

Once you have made the necessary corrections to your trip record, you will then need to create and submit a new report.

If you make changes, the rejected report does not update automatically. Instead, you need to create and submit a new report for the same date range. You can then delete the rejected report if you wish.

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