How to: view, approve & download reports

When an employee submits a report for approval, you can view this from the Team Reports tab on the website or even on the app. Reports can be accepted or rejected based on any criteria you choose. Driversnote does not set the conditions here - we provide the tools so that you as a company or organization, can decide how things should work best.

To find the Team Reports tab:

  1. Log in on the website and navigate to your team from the top left drop-down 
  2. Now, you’ll see Team Reports, Members, and Settings > tap on Team Reports
  3. Customize the drop-down filters to see reports that are ‘Awaiting Approval’  
  4. Click on the report you plan on reviewing 

To Approve or Reject a report:

  1. On the Driversnote website, go to Team reports
  2. From the overview, select the report you’d like to view
  3. After reviewing the submitted report, click Approve or Reject

Once you approve a report, the team member who submitted the report will be notified - you can also add a message to your team member if you reject the report on what they need to change or fix. 

To download an individual report:

  1. From the Team Reports tab, find the report you need by customizing the filters 
  2. Click on the report and then click on Download 
  3. Choose either PDF or Excel  
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