How to: get started for admins

What does being an admin mean?

If you’re in charge of setting up the team and ongoing management like invoicing and team members, then it sounds like you’re the administrator! There doesn't have to be just one of you either - we don't limit the number of administrators a team can have and there's no additional cost for having more than one.

As an administrator, here is an overview of what you control with the team: 

  • Creating the team
  • Details about the workplace, like name and address 
  • Mileage rate 
  • Reporting periods and if team members receive reporting reminders 
  • Adding and removing team members/managers 
  • Purchase licenses and how they are assigned 
  • Manage the overall subscription and access previous invoices

If you’re just going about setting the team, make sure you have a Driversnote account set up first (you can click this link for steps on how to do that - create your Driversnote account). 

If you already have an account - click here to be redirected on how to create your team or you can follow our video guide here - Loom Guide on Creating your Team

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