How to: customize auto-tracking hours

There are several ways you can customise your auto-tracking hours. 

We have an option to classify based on your work schedule that allows you to set the times you work, the times you track trips and whether you track outside of those times. The option Only track within schedule under Settings > Auto-tracking will restrict your tracking to within the work schedule hours you set.

Check out our in-depth guide here: How to add your work schedule

On vacation or taking a break?

Our Auto-track button on the home inbox of the app also allows you to stop and start auto-tracking at will. If you turn of Auto-track now, you will be given the option to resume the tracking at a later time and date. This is a quick way to pause tracking for a long time, such as a weekend or when you take a holiday, so you don’t need to remember to turn it back on when you return to work!

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