How to add your working hours

The Work Hours feature lets you categorise new trips automatically based on departure time.

Activating Work Hours in your app settings saves you time and ensures a more correct categorisation of trips. 

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Adding your working hours to the Driversnote app

  1. Go toA mechanical gear iconSettings in the app menu
  2. Under Other, tap Your work hours
  3. Switch on Work Hours
  4. Use the sliders to select the hours worked on each day of the week. You can switch off the days you do not work

Work Hours settings

If you expand the settings, you can make changes to the rules for Work Hours.

  • Make changes to the default trip type for 'Within work hours' and 'Outside of work hours'
  • Opt to switch off auto-tracking completely outside of work hours (if you're an iBeacon user). 

Work Hours 'hacks'

  • If you want  all your trips to be classified as Personal (for example) regardless of the day or time, change both of the defaults to Personal.

  • If you're working overnight, flip the Business & Personal classifications and use the selector to indicate when you are off. 

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