Help! My iBeacon is not working (iPhone)

Does it seem like your iBeacon is not working? There can certainly be problems with the iBeacon, but just as often it will be the app on your phone that is having issues, or your phone settings.

If your iBeacon is more than two years old, it is possible the battery has expired. Does it have a short 4-digit code on the back? If it does and your tracking is not working, do contact us at and we can look at this for you. If correct, we can replace your batteries or even replace your iBeacon! 

If you have a newer iBeacon with a 6-digit code, you will want to check your phone and app settings to see if there is an issue there. 

You will also want to check your iBeacon location. Your iBeacon should be somewhere reasonably well hidden, such as in your glove compartment, but equally it can sometimes be too hidden. Depending on where you have put it, you will want to test it in some different positions. This issue is more likely if you have had persistent tracking problems.

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