Help! Auto-tracking is not working (Android)

If you have found that auto-tracking is not working on your Android phone, there can be a few reasons why this has happened.

Settings in the app

Check that you have the required settings in the app. If you open the app and go to Settings > Auto-tracking, you will need to have either Motion Detection or iBeacon Detection selected:

Auto-tracking options for Android

Without one of these being selected, there will be no auto-tracking! 

Then, make sure that Auto-track is turned on at the home screen of the app:

Auto-track button for Android

As long as these options are set in the app, your auto-tracking will be active.

Settings on your phone

If you continue to have issues, you may need to confirm certain settings for your phone. 

While different phone models vary, if you go to Settings and search for Driversnote, you should find what you need. Open the submenu Permissions

Here you need to make sure that Location is set to Allow all the time and Precise location needs to be turned on

Physical activity needs to be set to Allow

Other phone settings to watch out for include

If you use the iBeacon you will need to have Bluetooth on at all times

Battery optimisation settings will need to be turned off. Check our page on the battery optimisation settings for different Android models.

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