How to: order more iBeacons

When you sign up for a paid subscription you can get an iBeacon. This will help you track more accurately by providing a better start and stop time for your app tracking and locking your tracking to a single vehicle.

The yearly subscription will let you get one iBeacon at no extra cost, while on the monthly subscription, you can purchase the iBeacon for a one-off extra fee. 

You will see the cost for the iBeacon in your country when you login to your account.

When signing up for a subscription, you can order as many iBeacons as you like and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

At any time from your subscription page, you can click the link Get an iBeacon.

Here, you can then choose the amount of iBeacons you need to buy, confirm the cost and then click Confirm selection to purchase the devices.

Note: You cannot buy an iBeacon from us until you sign up for a paid subscription.

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