What is the iBeacon?

An iBeacon is a small, low-energy Bluetooth device that helps you track your trips automatically.

You can leave it in your glove compartment or centre console and it will tell the Driversnote app to start and end the tracking when you enter and exit the vehicle. The app doesn't need to be open to start tracking.

Does the iBeacon do my tracking?

No! The iBeacon is not a tracker and does not have any tracking ability or GPS component by itself. It acts as a “trigger” to start and stop your trips when you enter or leave your vehicle. It helps to improve the accuracy of your trip records and reduce unneeded trips in your app because you will only record your driving in that single vehicle now (not when you are in other vehicles or even other transport). 

All tracking is still done through the app on your phone, using your phone’s GPS and location sensors. 

The iBeacon doesn’t do anything by itself at all without the app, but it makes the app even better when they are together!

Common questions

Q: Do I need an iBeacon to use the Driversnote app?

No. The iBeacon is not essential for using the Driversnote app. Its primary purpose is automation - which can be helpful if you take a lot of trips or sometimes forget to start the GPS tracking.

Q: What sets the iBeacon apart from other tracking methods?

Some mileage tracking apps use your phone's movement alone to determine when you are on a trip. This often results in a logbook full of irrelevant trips - and a tired-out battery to go with it.

Rather than tracking your every movement, the Driversnote iBeacon makes sure that you are only tracking trips taken in your own car. Combined with other useful settings like  Work Hours, you may never have to manually classify another trip again.

Q: What about when I have multiple vehicles?

The other advantage gained with the iBeacon is when you have multiple vehicles and put an iBeacon in each vehicle, your app will automatically know which vehicle you are driving and adjust your trip log accordingly. You won’t have to manually tell the app which vehicle you were driving today again! 

Multiple iBeacons can be purchased at any time from the subscription page. The annual subscription will give you one free iBeacon, or the monthly will be an extra one-off cost. 

Q: How much does the iBeacon cost, and how do I buy one?

The iBeacon is free with the annual subscription or can be bought alongside the monthly subscription for an additional fee. Log in to see prices in your local currency.

You can add more iBeacons to your order if necessary.  Shipping is free anywhere in the world. 

If you already have a subscription, then you can order extra iBeacons here.

Q: How long does the battery last?

Our newest model iBeacons have a battery life of at least four years. 

You should never need to replace the battery in a new iBeacon! In fact, we strongly recommend not doing that. If you feel your iBeacon is having issues, you should check our page on troubleshooting for iBeacons or contact us at support@driversnote.com, and we can help you out. 

If you have an older model of iBeacon, check out our article on checking or replacing the battery in your iBeacon. Contact us at support@driversnote.com, and if you are currently subscribing, we can send you a battery replacement. 

Q: How do I install the iBeacon?

No installation is required! When you first receive your iBeacon, you activate it by removing the plastic strip and then placing it in your vehicle. Do not stick it to your windshield or any very open area. You do not need to pick up the device signal outside the car. 

It should be somewhere reasonably well hidden, such as in your glove compartment or a console shelf.

Q: Why doesn’t my iBeacon work?

If you are having trouble with your iBeacon, check our article on troubleshooting for iBeacons

If you have an older pre-2021 iBeacon, check our article on checking or replacing the battery in your iBeacon

If in any doubt, always contact us first at support@driversnote.com. We are always there to help!

If you need to contact us, always remember to use your Driversnote username email, or at least always mention it so we know where to begin! 

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