How to: create a detailed mileage logbook (UK)

Set up Driversnote for your exact needs. We know everyone has different needs to make sure their logbook is tax-compliant. Below is a list of all reporting features. You can find out what you need exactly in our HMRC Mileage Guide. You can also speak to your accountant or employer to confirm what you need to provide. 

Name / Workpalce / Vehicle: Add your name, workplace and vehicle. In addition, you can add addresses, license plate numbers and an employee ID number. 

Business / Personal: Track and log all business drives, or track and log both. Not sure? Log both; you can filter out the ones you need come reporting time. 

Reimbursement or no reimbursement: Select United Kingdom’s standard mileage rate for the current year or set your own custom rate. Don’t need rates? We can also show just a total summary of miles and/or a percentage split between business and personal miles.

Odometer readings: Add your starting odometer when you start using our app. We will automatically calculate the readings for each trip afterwards. 

Notes: Need more than just Business? You can add notes such as what you did on the trip, and write expenses and tolls so they show up on the report. 

Date ranges / reporting reminders: You can set up daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and yearly reporting reminders and filters. Need another date range? We also have a custom date range option as well. Enable reminders so you never forget.  

PDF reports: Save the report as a PDF where you can download it or email it to your accountant or employer

Edit in Excel: Reports are also available to download in Excel. This is a great option if you want additional columns and calculations or view the start & end times for each drive. 

PDF Example:

In the example below, the person is reporting business and personal mileage with the standard mileage rate for 2024.

UK PDF report page 1

UK PDF report page 2

Excel (.xlsx) Example

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