How to: invite users and assign roles

Inviting team members is easy and comes at no additional cost! Only the administrator of the team has access to adding team members.

To send out invites:

  1. Access your team from the top left-hand drop-down menu 
  2. Click on Members 
  3. Click on the '+ Invite' button 
  4. Choose if you’re inviting a manager or member 
    1. A manager is someone who can approve and reject reports (without administrator abilities)
    2. A team member is someone who will just track and report their trips
  5. Enter their email address OR copy the link to send the invitation externally through email or direct messaging
  6. Hit Send if you're inviting by email

If you need to manage someone’s role once they’ve joined the team, you can do that! Even if someone joined as a team member, you can change their role to an administrator. 

To change someone’s role: 

  1. In your team, go to Members
  2. Next to someone’s name and email, click on the 3 dots 
  3. In the little menu that appears, you can change their role from the available options (Admin, manager or team member)

Team members will then be organized, starting with administrators, managers, and team members.

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