How to: move trips from a personal workplace to a team workplace

If you’ve been tracking trips but have since been invited to a team, you may want to move them to your team’s new workplace to avoid duplicate workplaces. 

  1. Open the team invitation you received in your email by clicking Accept Invitation
  2. Then, on the new page, click Join Team and then Log In
  3. Choose the workplaces with the trips that you want to move over to the Team
  4. Click Continue    

If you want to move your trips over after joining the team, you still can! 

  1. Log into Driversnote on the website and click on Team on the website 
  2. Find your name in the list of team members 
  3. Click on Move trips to team 
  4. On the next screen, select the workplace trips you want to move 
  5. Click Continue and confirm your choice
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