How to: move trips between workplaces

Did your trips get logged to the wrong workplace? No worries! 

We’ve made it easy to select all the relevant trips and move them with the click of a button. Check out the guide below.

  1. Log in on the web
  2. Select the trips you wish to move
  3. On the Bulk Actions Menu, click the workplace symbol 
  4. Select the new workplace
  5. All the selected trips have now been moved to the new workplace

Move trips between workplaces

Note: Next to each trip, you also have quick actions for changing the trip type and deleting an irrelevant trip. Read more here: how to classify trips

New! On the web you can now use filters to narrow down the trip list to specific dates, workplaces, vehicles or more. Perfect for when you need to move groups of trips to a new workplace - just filter trips to one workplace, select them all, then move them to another workplace.

Archive/Delete vehicles and workplaces

If you are no longer using a vehicle or workplace, check out our guides on how to archive a vehicle and how to archive a workplace.
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