Intro to reporting features for admins

As an administrator, you’ll have access to settings that manage the team and approve reporting as well. If your role doesn’t include approving and rejecting reports, you can leave this to your managers in the team whose role is to approve/reject reports. 

When a report is submitted, you’ll receive an email notification of this to view the report. To access the team reports page on the website:

  1. Log into Driversnote 
  2. Go to your team in the top left drop-down and then Team Reports

From this page, you can adjust any of the filters to get the reports you need. Filters can be customized to show reports waiting for approval to a list of reports from or to one particular person. 

You also can click on the ‘Get Spreadsheet’ to download an overview of the reports selected through your filters. This is especially useful if you're submitting reports to another department or need data organized in a specific way for your own programs.

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