Help! The iBeacon did not log a trip today

There can be several reasons why your iBeacon may not have logged a trip today.

Remember: Your iBeacon does not actually log trips! It helps your phone to log trips by more precisely recording the start and stop time and location of your trips. All tracking is still done on your phone. 

Is your iBeacon more than 2 years old?

If you have an older iBeacon its battery may have expired. Contact and we can check this for you.

Is the app successfully running on your phone?

As all tracking takes place on your phone, you should check that the app is running properly in the background of your phone and that you had it with you at all times.

You may need to check your battery optimisation settings on an Android phone, or your configuration settings for iPhone. 

Check where your iBeacon is located

Your iBeacon should be somewhere reasonably well hidden, such as in your glove compartment, but equally it can sometimes be too hidden. Depending on where you have put it, you will want to test it in some different positions. This issue is more likely if you have had persistent tracking problems.

Have you had many short stops today? Or stops where you didn’t leave your vehicle?

If you have had short stops today, or not left, or gone far from your vehicle, you may not have left your iBeacon signal range and so your previous trip may not have ended.

This can lead to your trips being tracked as one larger trip, or it may sometimes interfere in starting the next trip successfully.

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