How to: get a mileage report for 3 months

In a number of countries (such as Australia), the primary requirement for Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) mileage reporting is that you obtain a 3-month record of your driving. You can certainly do this with Driversnote! 

Note: When deciding on a subscription to use for this you will want to choose the monthly plan, as this option has no contract or fixed terms. You can cancel at any time after your 3-month recording requirement is finished. The yearly plan can only be cancelled after the full year is finished.

When you have tracked your trips for 3 months, you can create a report in the app or on the web and save, send or print that as required.

You can set the reporting period to quarterly and get a reminder when your 3 months have finished which will help you to create the report you need. Or, you can create the report by selecting the date range manually.

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