Auto-tracking with motion detection

Auto-tracking with motion detection enables you to automatically track trips with only your phone. It starts tracking when you move above a certain speed and apart from drives, it might also log bike rides, runs, and trips with public transportation. 

How it works

The Driversnote app uses GPS technology to monitor locations in order to determine when the phone is on the move. Through a combination of your GPS coordinates and your phone’s accelerometer (activity recognition), the app is able to determine the difference between walking, biking and driving. 

Please note

The app simply monitors your location. Driversnote does not store or save locations without your permission and until driving speed is detected.

How to activate auto-tracking with motion detection

  1. Open the Driversnote app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap Auto-tracking

  4. Switch Smartphone Motion Detection ON

After activating Motion tracking, Driversnote will start recording your trip when driving activity has been detected through your GPS coordinates and your phone’s accelerometer.

The trip will stop when the app detects that there hasn’t been any driving activity for roughly 15 minutes. Then, a trip is created in your logbook. Also, keep in mind that as long as alerts and notifications about the usage of the app are enabled, after a trip stops you will receive a notification confirming the trip log.


You can turn auto-tracking with motion detection on and off by toggling “Auto track” ON or OFF on the home screen of the Driversnote app.


Upgrade to an iBeacon for auto-tracking on a specific vehicle - check out more here

Common Questions

Q: Can I use both Auto-tracking with the iBeacon and Auto-tracking with motion detection to track my trips?

It's not possible to track both with the iBeacon and motion detection concurrently. You will need to switch over from Auto-tracking with motion detection to Auto-tracking with the iBeacon (or the opposite). To do that, simply open the Driversnote app, go to Settings > Auto-tracking > enable the auto-tracking method you would like to use to track your mileage.

Q: How can I edit an incorrect trip created by motion tracking?

You can click on the start or end address to edit the name. Alternatively, you can create a manual trip and then delete the incorrect trip. Read more on our guide: How to edit a trip

Q: My auto-tracking isn't working

The first thing to check is that the app is on the latest version and your settings and permissions are correct. Make sure location is set to always and that access to motion & fitness (on iPhone) or Physical Activity (on Android) is enabled. Double-check that Auto-track is toggled on (top left corner of the app). Finally, make sure that your phone is not in Low Power Mode. 

Here's our guide on Tracking Configuration & Settings Requirements

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