Auto-tracking with motion detection

This is an experimental feature currently available only to a limited number of users.

How it works

This new feature enables you to auto-track trips with only your phone. The Driversnote app uses GPS technology to monitor locations in order to determine when the phone is on the move. 

The app simply monitors your location. Driversnote does not store or save locations without your permission and until driving speed is detected.

Through a mixture of your GPS coordinates and your phone’s accelerometer (activity recognition), the app is able to determine the difference between walking, biking and driving.

Trip start

Driversnote will start recording your trip when driving activity has been detected through your GPS coordinates and your phone’s accelerometer.

Trip stop

The trip will stop when Driversnote detects there hasn’t been any driving activity for roughly 15 minutes. Then, a trip is created in your logbook and if enabled, you will receive a notification confirming the entry.

Questions about auto-tracking with motion detection?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions about this new feature, or anything else. 

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