How to add your working hours

Save time reviewing your auto-tracked trips by setting up your “work hours”. This feature lets you categorize new trips based on departure time as either business or personal/private.

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Adding your work hours to the Driversnote app

  • Go to Settings in the app menu
  • Tap Auto-tracking
  • Under Trip classification, tap "Based on work hours"
  • Tap Edit work hours.
  • Use the sliders to select the work hours for each day of the week. You can switch off the days you do not work. Be sure to leave the switch on for all the days you work.
  • Within "Your work hours", tap Settings
  • Select how you want to classify trips within and outside work hours
  • If you want trips tracked outside of your work hours, enable Auto-tracking outside work hours

How to add work hours in the app

Example 1: I only want to log my business trips from Monday to Friday

Work hours settings

If you only need to log Monday to Friday trips during your work hours, you should set “Within work hours” to “Business,” “Outside work hours” to “Personal” and then turn off “Auto-tracking outside work hours.”

Work hours settings - days

Then, turn on each weekday for tracking and set your appropriate work hours. Turn off Saturday and Sunday. 

Remember: Trips outside those hours and on the weekend will not be tracked at all.

Example 2: I need to log all my trips and split them between business and personal

If you need to track all your trips on all days but then want to carefully make sure all trips are classified as business or personal for your tax records, you can set that also:

Work hours settings 2

Set “Within work hours” to “Business” and “Outside work hours” to “Personal”. 

Make sure that “Auto-tracking outside work hours” is switched on. 

Work hours settings days 2

Switch on every workday that you work and add your work hours as appropriate.

The weekend can be turned off if you don’t work then - but trips will still be tracked on these days and automatically classified as personal. If you do have any work hours on the weekend, you can set them here and turn on those days.

Remember: You can update any out-of-hours trips to Business if you need to when you are reviewing them in the Inbox or anytime in the “All trips” tab.

Example 3: My work hours vary and change 

If your work hours vary, then adding work hours in the app may not be the best option for you.

Change trip classification manually

You could add broad work hours as shown in Example 1 or Example 2, then review each trip in the home screen Inbox as it comes in.

For each trip, you can tap on Personal or Business to change the categorisation.

Then tap “Mark as reviewed” when you are done. 

Or, you could set provisional work hours at the start of each week in the app and change those each week, depending on your requirements. Refer to Example 1 and 2 for the best way to do this. You can change hours whenever you like! 

If you need to track all the trips you make and those trips are all business, you don’t need to set work hours at all!

Instead, you can set your categorisation to “Always as Business” and all trips will be classified as business automatically.

Trip classification options in settings

But if you want to disable tracking on the weekend, for instance, you can still use “Based on work hours” as a good option. 

Work hours options disabling outside work hours

The important thing here is to turn off “Auto-tracking outside work hours”.

Work hours set days to all hours

Then, for your work hours, you can turn off Saturday and Sunday entirely, then stretch Monday to Friday to all hours.

With this option set, you will track trips as Business all week long, but not track trips at all over the weekend.

You can vary the hours during the week to suit your needs. 

Please Note

Switching off tracking outside of work hours might result in a non-compliant logbook. Consult your local tax professional about the logbook requirements for your specific situation to ensure compliance with your tax authority


If you want all your trips to be classified as Personal / Private (for example), regardless of the day or time, change both of the defaults to Personal/Private.

Additional auto-tracking settings

There are a few other features to make auto-tracking even simpler. By customizing the options below, it will make reviewing your trips easier and faster.

Trip Classification: Alternative to work hours, you can select how to classify trips in the following 3 ways:

  • Based on previous trip
  • Always as business
  • Always as personal

To enable one of these, open the app > go to Settings > Auto-tracking > Trip classification

Change default trip classification in app

Vehicle Classification: This is only necessary when you have more than one vehicle and are using auto-tracking through ‘Motion’ detection. You have 2 ways to choose from:

  • Based on previous trip
  • Vehicle 1
  • Vehicle 2

This will be the standard setting. However, you can always change and review the trips and assign them to another vehicle afterwards.

To enable one of these, open the app > go to Settings > Auto-tracking > Vehicle 

Workplace Classification: This is only necessary when you have more than one workplace. If you have a preferred workplace or one that you track more trips with, we would suggest choosing this one. You will then have fewer trips to review and change. You can choose from the following

  • Based on previous trip
  • Workplace 1
  • Workplace 2

This will be the standard setting. However, you can always change and review the trips and assign them to another workplace afterwards.  

To enable one of these, open the app > Settings > Auto-tracking > Workplace

Common questions

Q: If I edit my work hours will it change all my previous trips?

Nope. The changes are implemented the moment you set them. They will not change previous tracked trips.

Q: I tracked a trip during my work hours, but it was personal/private?

You can always edit the trip type afterwards. Go into your trip inbox, find the trip and change it from business to personal/private.

Q: Can I set work hours for manually tracked trips?

At the moment, this is not possible. “Work hours” settings are only available for auto-tracked trips.

Q: I work non-standard shifts - can I add my work hours?

Currently, while you add any single block of work hours in the standard day, you can not add multiple separate blocks of work hours (such as night shifts). You must shift the sliders to the best approximation of your work hours.

If you have shift options that are not covered by our current entry systems, please write to us at and let us know. We are always looking for feedback from our users so we would certainly love to hear your requirements! 

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