How to replace the battery in your Driversnote iBeacon

The iBeacon is a low-energy Bluetooth device, so you only need to change the battery every 1-2 years.

The battery type used is CR2477

Is it time to change the battery?

The easiest way to check the battery is to delete the iBeacon from your app, and then try to reconnect it again. 

Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone. If you still aren't able to reconnect, read on.

Changing the battery: step-by-step

Open the iBeacon case

  1. Turn the iBeacon upside down
  2. Locate the sides of the panel with the small tabs, and apply slight pressure to the opposite sides
  3. Use a flat screwdriver or another small flat tool to pop open the case

Replace the battery

  1. Drop the battery and circuit board into the palm of your hand
  2. There should be a clip keeping the battery in place. To remove, hold the clip gently and slide the battery out
  3. Slide your new battery into position. Make sure the negative (-) face of the new battery is touching the circuit board
    The positive (+) face of the battery is flat. The negative (-) face of the battery is slightly raised/rounded

Reassemble the iBeacon

  1. Put the battery and circuit board back into place inside the iBeacon
  2. Line up the tabs on the panel with the corresponding slots on the case
  3. Press down to click into place

Connect to the app

If you need a reminder:  How to set up your iBeacon

Well done!

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