How to check or replace the battery in your iBeacon

Before troubleshooting, it’s essential to know which iBeacon you have. Unsure which iBeacon you have? Check the side for a code. 

If it’s 4 digits (example; ksOV, it’s an older iBeacon - first model) - if this is what you have

If it’s 7 digits (example; 11s203Ds, it’s a new iBeacon - second model) - if this is what you have

My iBeacon is from 2022 or 2023 (second model)

Your iBeacon has a battery that lasts at least 4 years. Please do not change the batteries. If you are having trouble with tracking or connection issues, please check out our general troubleshooting guide or contact us for support.

My iBeacon is from 2021 or older (first model)

The easiest way to check the battery is to delete the iBeacon from your app, and then try to reconnect it again. To do this:

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone.
  2. Open the app
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Tap iBeacons
  5. Select the iBeacon by tapping on it, select Delete
  6. Have the iBeacon nearby and connect it again.
  7. Tap on the iBeacon and connect it.
  8. If the iBeacon does not appear on the list, it has run out of battery.
  9. If the iBeacon shows up, connect it again. It should then be up and running.
  10. Send us an email letting us know. We will double-check from our side and organize a replacement.

If you cannot re-add it, please email us at, so we can provide you with a new battery.

I've received a new battery; how do I change it?

  1. Disconnect the iBeacon in the app
  2. Open the app > Settings > iBeacons > Select and Delete
  3. Change the battery
  4. Open the iBeacon using a thin and flat object like a butter knife, and remove the top
  5. Remove the battery and the chip, then replace
  6. The battery should be inserted in the clip with the + side up
  7. Carefully close the iBeacon again
  8. Re-connect the iBeacon in the app
  9. Open the app > Settings > iBeacons > Select and Add
  10. Place the iBeacon back in the vehicle.
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