GPS tracking issues and inaccuracies (iOS)

If, as an iPhone user, you notice discrepancies in your recorded trips, you have likely been affected by a recent GPS inaccuracy problem. This issue can show up in different ways:

  • Inaccurate coordinates
  • Bee lines (straight lines, as the crow flies, etc.)
  • Not all trips being recorded
  • No automatic trips recorded even though your iBeacon is connected.

What you can do to ensure accurate tracking

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services
  2. Turn off Location Services 
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Turn on Location Services again.

While you are in your phone’s Settings, double-check that your settings are correct:

  1. Go to Settings -> Driversnote
  2. Make sure Location is on “Always”. Precise Location and Motion & Fitness should also be toggled on.

This fix has resolved the tracking issue for the majority of users. We recommend you keep an eye on your recorded trips to check that this has worked for you.

Do you still experience problems?

If you try this fix and you still notice inaccurate tracking, contact us at - we’re here to help! When writing to us, try to describe what you’re experiencing and if you’ve tried the fix above.

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