My iBeacon isn’t working - troubleshooting for iBeacons

Your iBeacon is missing trips or not recording any? You can’t connect your iBeacon in the app? Below are some troubleshooting tips you can try to make sure your iBeacon is connected and works correctly.


If you can’t see your trips, make sure you’ve selected the right Vehicle and Workplace when looking at your trips, or creating a report.

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I can’t connect my iBeacon

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and the Driversnote app has Bluetooth permission. To reconnect your iBeacon, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app -> Settings -> iBeacons
  2. Tap on your iBeacon -> Delete iBeacon
  3. Close the app, then open it again
  4. Go to Settings -> iBeacons
  5. Find your iBeacon in the list (you can recognize it by the 4-digit code)
  6. Tap on it to connect it

If your iBeacon isn’t connecting, or still acts up after reconnecting contact us. The iBeacon battery lasts for about 2 years, so if yours is older than that - let us know - we’ll help get you up and running again.

My iBeacon isn’t tracking my trips

If your iBeacon is connected in the app, but you notice missing trips, make sure your settings are correct. Without them, the iBeacon won’t be able to maintain a steady Bluetooth connection and record your trips accurately.

To check your settings, go to your phone’s Settings -> Driversnote.

  • In order for the iBeacon to track your trips accurately, Driversnote needs access to your Location.
  • If you're on an iPhone, also make sure that Precise Location, Background App Refresh and Motion & Fitness are toggled on. Your phone’s Bluetooth should be on and Driversnote should have permission to access it. 
  • For Android users, please make sure that your battery optimization is turned off and that you’ve granted the Location permission as well.
  • “Auto track” in the Driversnote app should be toggled on.

My iBeacon still isn’t recording trips

If you still notice missing trips after you reconnect your iBeacon and check your settings, go to the Why can’t I see my trips article.

You’re also very welcome to get in touch with us at, explaining the issue you’ve experienced and if you’ve tried the above fixes. We’re here to help!

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