My iBeacon isn’t working - troubleshooting for iBeacons

Is your app missing trips or not recording any? You can’t connect your iBeacon in the app? Below are some troubleshooting tips you can try to make sure your iBeacon is connected and works correctly.

Note on battery

If you have a new iBeacon with a long 6-digit code on the back, it has a  battery life of at least 4 years, so if you have any issues with your new iBeacon, check out our guide below.

Note on reports

If you can’t see your trips, make sure you’ve selected the right Vehicle and Workplace when looking at your trips or creating a report.

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I can’t connect my iBeacon

Is your iBeacon brand new? If it is, don’t forget to pull out the plastic tab to activate the battery. 

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and the Driversnote app has Bluetooth permission. To reconnect your iBeacon, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app > Settings > iBeacon
  2. Tap on your iBeacon > Delete iBeacon
  3. Close the app, then open it again
  4. Go to Settings > iBeacons > Add iBeacon
  5. Find your iBeacon in the list (you can recognize it by the same code code on the back of the beacon itself)
  6. Tap on it to connect

Reconnect your iBeacon

If your iBeacon isn’t connecting or still acts up after reconnecting, then contact us. The older iBeacon battery lasts for about two years, so if yours is older than that and has a 4-digit code on the back  - let us know - we’ll help get you up and running again. 

Older iBeacon image

Older iBeacon (2018-2021) that will have 4-digit code on the back

Newer iBeacon image

New iBeacon (2022-present) that will have longer 6-digit code

If you have a brand new iBeacon with a long code on the back, your battery should have many years left and will not need replacing (new iBeacons have a battery life of at least 4 years), so contact us at support as there is likely another problem going on.

My iBeacon isn’t tracking my trips

If your iBeacon is connected in the app, but you notice missing trips, make sure your settings are correct. Without them, the iBeacon won’t be able to maintain a steady Bluetooth connection and record your trips accurately.

For iPhone users, make sure that:

Check your settings, go to your phone’s Settings > Driversnote. It will look like this:

iPhone settings for Driversnote

  • For the iBeacon to track your trips accurately, Driversnote needs access to your Location and it needs to be set to Always so that the app is always ready to track. Without being set to Always, the app will not track from the background.
  • Also, make sure that Precise Location, Background App Refresh and Motion & Fitness are toggled on. Your phone’s Bluetooth should be on and Driversnote should have permission to access it.

For Android users, make sure that:

Android settings for Driversnote

For both device types, make sure that “Auto track” in the Driversnote app is toggled on:

Auto-track needs to be turned on

Placement of iBeacon 

Remember, your iBeacon should always be kept in a reasonably hidden position, such as in the glove compartment or a console shelf. It cannot be blocked by metal or water, though as that can block the signal.

You don't want to leave it out in the open or attached to your windscreen at all -- the iBeacon signal is only meant to be read when you are in or very near the car. Placing it somewhere very open can cause issues with your tracking.

You need to keep it in the car at all times and not carry it with you -- it can only work if it stays in your vehicle.

My trips still aren't being recorded!

If you still notice missing trips after you reconnect your iBeacon and check your settings, go to the Why can’t I see my trips article. You’re also very welcome to get in touch with us at, explaining the issue you’ve experienced and if you’ve tried the above fixes. We’re here to help!

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