How to: get started for drivers (Android)

Do you need to start tracking your trips for your company with your Android phone? Then, you’re in the right place to get started with your team! If you’re using an iPhone device, here’s the link to our guide for those phones: How to: get started for drivers (iPhone).

Simply put, when you’re part of the team, you’ll let the app follow you along the way to track your trips. Then, when you need to create your reports, create and submit with a few easy clicks/taps. 

Here's how to get started:

When you get the invitation email, click on the button to be directed to either create an account or to log in. If this is your first time using Driversnote, you’ll have to create an account using the email address the invitation was sent. Follow this guide if you need more help with how to create an account. 

If you’ve already created an account and joined the team, the next step is to set up your app by enabling the right settings and permissions on your device:

  1. Download Driversnote on your phone through the Play Store
  2. Log in using your pre-existing account set up with the team 
  3. Once you log in, you’ll be prompted to set up these permissions with your phone
    1. Set your Location permission to Always 
    2. Ensure Precise Location is ON
    3. Make sure Physical Activity is enabled 
    4. Set your battery saved to OFF 
    5. Make sure you have battery optimization off - if you’re in doubt, you can follow this guide (Android Battery Saver settings) 

Once you check these settings, set up your auto-tracking:

  1. Go to the app’s Settings > Auto-tracking - switch on Motion Detection or iBeacon Detection if you’re using an iBeacon to track 
  2. Go to your app’s Inbox - make sure auto-tracking is switched ON in the top left 

Once these settings are enabled, you’ll be able to track all the trips you need! 

As a reference, take a look here at what your settings should look like. You can reference your own settings with the following guide.

Have a look at these articles here to get the best out of Driversnote. These will help you to set your work schedule and submit a report to your manager: 

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