How to: assign licenses

Once you’ve purchased licenses, you’ll be able to see how many licenses there are for assigning right under your team name.

There are two ways you can assign these licenses:

Quick Assign: 

If you have unassigned licenses, scroll down the list of members and click the button Assign Basic 


  1. Click on the 3 dots of the user you’d like to upgrade
  2. Choose Basic license from the dropdown menu

In case a team member isn’t tracking miles anymore, you can reassign their license to another team member.

To re-assign a license: 

  1. Click on the 3 dots of the member you’d like to remove the license from
  2. Choose Lite license
  3. Now, you’ll see a license available to be assigned 
  4. Click on either Assign Basic or the 3 dots of another team member to assign the license


If you wish to downgrade the number of licenses your Team has, please contact us at, and we’ll help you with your request.

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