Why does Driversnote need access to my Location Services?

Driversnote needs access to Location Services so that it can track your trips via GPS.

If you do not allow access, it is not possible to have your mileage tracked in real-time.

What are Location Services?

Location Services use a combination of GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, and nearby cell towers to determine your device’s location on Earth.

What does Driversnote do with my location data?

Driversnote uses information about your location to track your route on a map, and calculate the total distance driven.

Driversnote does not record your location when you're not tracking a trip. 

iPhone settings: Why Always and not While Using the App?

Driversnote works best when access to Location Services is allowed ‘Always’. This means you can keep the app running in the background while you are on a trip, without affecting tracking quality.

If you restrict access to ‘While Using the App’, your phone may stop Driversnote from tracking your location when the phone is idle e.g. in the middle of a trip.

If you are using an iBeacon, you must have Location Services set to ‘Always’ so that the iBeacon is able to activate tracking as it should.



iPhone settings: How do I change Location Services permissions?

On the iPhone: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll and tap the Driversnote app
  3. Change Location to Always
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