Why can't I see my trips?

Are you having trouble seeing your trips in your trip log or in your reports? Below are some troubleshooting tips that will hopefully get you tracking again! 

If you can see your trips but aren't sure how to create a report, please click here to create a report.

In this article:
  • I can't see my trips when creating a report
  • I use the iBeacon but my trips are not showing
  • Check your settings in the app
  • Check your settings on an Android phone
  • Check your settings on an iPhone
  • iBeacon linked to the wrong vehicle
  • Check your email
  • I can't see my trips when creating a report

    If you can see your trips in the "All Trips" list, but they don’t show up when creating a report, check that you have selected the correct:

    1. Vehicle
    2. Workplace
    3. Trip type

    from the report filters:

    When you create a report you can only do a single report for each workplace and vehicle you have in your account. That will mean a few reports need to be created, but with Driversnote you can get all the data you need!

    Most users will only have one workplace but may have several vehicles. Our app can work with any combination and by saving your reports in Excel format, you can even combine those reports together when you are done.

    For trip types, you can select to include in reports Business trips, Personal trips, or both, so in this case a single report may be enough. Most users either need to report on Business trips only or include both types of trips, rather than ever having to make a report for just Personal trips!

    I use the iBeacon for automatic tracking, but my trips are not showing up

    If you are an iBeacon user and cannot see your trips, here are some tips to make sure that your device is linked and tracking to the correct vehicle. 

    Check your phone settings

    The most common reason our users experience a lapse in their iBeacon tracking is that their device settings are not set up correctly. 

    In the Driversnote app

    First, check that “Auto track” is turned on in the app.

    1. Open the app and check the top left corner
    2. “Auto track” should be toggled on

    Go into Settings on your app and open Tracking Configuration. If you have all green ticks you are good to go, but if you see any issues you will need to fix up some settings!