Android - Disabling Battery Optimization

A setting specifically affecting tracking for Android users is Battery Optimization sometimes referred to as Doze. This setting terminates background apps after a certain amount of time, in an attempt to conserve battery and improve overall performance. This results in coordinate gaps and even missed trips. 

How to correct your settings & ensure accurate tracking

In order for Driversnote to track your trips, you must disable Battery Optimization for the Driversnote app. While the steps vary depending on your device and which Android version you’re running, you basically need to disable Battery Optimization for the Driversnote app. 

  1. Go to Settings on your Android device
  2. Search "battery optimization" then select Battery Optimization
  3. Select "All Apps" from the dropdown menu
  4. Search Driversnote and select "Don’t optimize"


  1. Go to your phone’s Settings 
  2. Apps & Notifications (this will expand options)
  3. Tap Special App Access
  4. Tap Battery Optimization

It is also important that your Location is set to "Always." Here's how to make sure your Location settings are correct

My Huawei phone isn’t working with Driversnote 

Huawei introduced a new task killer app called PowerGenie with Android Pie which has effectively rendered Huawei phones unusable with many apps, including Driversnote. 
Other than uninstalling PowerGenie, there is currently no real fix for app functionality. Read more here or at XDA.
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