How to: mileage & reimbursement rates

When you set up your Driversnote account you have 3 options for rates: Standard, custom and no rates.

Standard rates for most countries are automatically available in the app and are updated as soon as we have new information each tax year.

Custom rates can be added whenever you need your own figure.

No rates can be used when you have no reimbursement needs but want your records to reflect the split percentage between business and personal travel. 

Please note:

  • You can only set rates on trips classified as Business. It is not possible to set a rate for Private/Personal trips. 
  • If you see no reimbursement rate applied to your trips, your custom rate may have expired or feature the wrong dates. Please check your custom rate settings or create a new rate.
  • If you have standard rates but no reimbursement showing, check our note on reimbursement rates in New Zealand and France. If you believe your country standard rate is wrong, please contact us at
  • You are not able to set different mileage rates for different vehicles. You can create an additional workplace (which can have a new rate) and then track that vehicle to the separate workplace. 
  • If you are on a team you will need to contact your administrator to make any changes to your rate.
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